Collaborative Inquiry and Discovery

The Center for the Humanities offers three signature funding programs to nurture collaborative interdisciplinary research. StudioLab teams join scholars from multiple disciplines in shared inquiry and intellectual community. Our Cross-Generational Research Initiative (CGRI) supports research teams comprised of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates engaged in multi-year collaborative research projects. The Arts and Humanities Grant Support program features tailored options for supporting scholars applying for federal and foundation grants and fellowships.

Research Opportunities Table


Opportunity Deadline Summary
Humanities StudioLabs

Nov. 8, 2024
5 p.m.

The C4H Studiolabs are faculty working groups that focus on engagement—with multiple disciplines, with the community, and most vitally with each other.

Cross-Generational Research Initiative

Fall 2025

The Cross-Generational Research Initiatives (CGRI) supports collaborative research projects in the Humanities conducted by research teams of faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students. 

Arts & Humanities Grant Support Program


The College of Arts and Science launched a Grant Support Program primarily focused on federal proposals to facilitate high-impact STEM research.  This program focuses on increasing and improving federal and foundation proposals in Arts and Humanities.

Institutional Sponsor

National Humanities Center

As a sponsoring institution, we are committed to supporting a wide range of public engagement activities to enrich the conversation around the humanities and their critical role in our society. Learn how to access exclusive funded initiatives and summer residency programs.

National Humanities Center
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The Center for the Humanities collaborates with the many other research offices, centers, and support programs that enrich humanities research at MU. Learn more about how to engage with support staff and colleagues at every stage of your research.